about us

Nurico cultivates over 60 years of nutrition industry experience. We follow GMP standards and take great care as we produce our high-quality products. We formulate, develop and improve products to support improved health, better quality of life, longevity, weight loss,
and weight management. Our products are clean and provide the best source of nutrition to ensure your body has what it needs.

David Uri Lebaron, founder and CEO of Nurico, grew up in the nutritional supplement industry and developed the first proprietary low temperature drying process, (PhytoLive™ Dehydration), which dries fresh juices to powder in 120 seconds (carefully kept below 106° F) creating InstaRaw™ powders with maximum nutrient preservation.

Uri developed a passion for the nutrition industry in 1992 when his mother, Diana, became deathly ill and was able to make a full recovery and live 22 more years by taking a grass juice drink each day. This drove Uri to gain extensive experience in product formulation, product packaging, manufacturing and worldwide distributing. The commitment and pride we take in our products and services at Nurico comes from the spirit of its owner to support everyone in experiencing a higher quality of life and enjoyment. Our facility is GMP, USDA Organic, and Kosher certified providing assurance that our nutrition products and services are clean, nutrient rich, and of the highest quality available on the market.

Our Mission

Nurico commits to provide the industry’s best quality health and nutrition supplements. Our staff is committed to customer satisfaction by providing custom manufactured, organic and kosher products while following all FDA regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices.