Our Unique Service:

At Nurico, we offer a unique, valuable service to our customers that others do not. We not only offer juice and whole powders, but we also offer one of a kind proprietary powders. These powders can drastically increase the value of your products for your customers. Nurico uses advanced fermenting and drying techniques to extract the maximum nutritional value from powders. This advantage will help you to pass your competitors, drive up sales, and improve customer satisfaction.

Our Niche:

We use a unique raw fermentation and proprietary low temperature drying process to maximize nutrional benefit. Fermenting increases bioavailability of nutrient compounds and beneficial microorganisms. There are three aspects to digestive health: digestion, absorption, and bioavailability of nutrients.

Digestion: The ability of the digestive system to break down nutrients into their absorbable forms.

Absorption: The ability of the body to take in nutrient compounds from the digestive system.

Bioavailability: The availability of beneficial compounds the body can use for increased health.

Our fermentation and proprietary drying process increases the nutritional value by preserving the natural micro-organisms and nutrient compounds unlike our competitors. We dry our powders quickly and at a controlled temperature of 106° F. This process preserves the original color, taste, and aroma of the fresh botanical.

Bulk Powder Supply

Raw Organic Juice Powders: Alfalfa, Barley, Kamut, Oat, Wheat, Carrot, Beet

Raw Organic Whole Powders: Alfalfa, Barley, Oat, Wheat

Organic Concentrate Juice Powders: Beet and Carrot

Raw Organic Fermented Powders

Custom Blends and single powders from a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and other botanicals.

We can be as creative or simple as needed!

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